Diet Myth Busted

Today we are bombarded with different dietary programs! The issue is that these programs may be designed for some people but not for you. The health and wellness industry is very generalized and everyone fits into some zone of normal. But really, no two bodies are alike and  everyone need a unique blueprint that is suitable to meet their health and wellness requirements.

I’ve known some people who have decided to take on a certain dietary program and have committed to a lifelong healthy lifestyle and and have come to me because they have not enjoyed the result that they are expecting.  This is because a dietary and lifestyle plan needs to be designed for you and your prakriti (birth constitution) and vikriti (Doshic imbalances).

Food is everything you take in through your senses, not just the food you put in your mouth! So what you see, smell and feel also needs to be digested and becomes you.

In Ayurveda a dietary plan or Ahara ( food ) is one of the tree pillars of life. The other two are sleep and sex. It is not the latest fad out there but a science of understanding ahara (food) from the elements that make up that food and how those elements affect you. Food not only supports your dosha but also your tissues and malas (wastes of the body) and your stable mental function.

Some people struggle with a deluge of unexpected digestive  problems like heartburn, acid reflux, dry mouth etc.  This usually leads to a trip to the drug store when the Ayurveda answer is to look at your dietary plan and use what is called opposite therapy. 

The Ayurvedic approach does not usually call it a diet.  A diet usually entails that there are restrictions and these restrictions are often the culprit to the negative effects that you are experiencing during a dietary program.  With Ayurveda, you will be introduced to the idea that everyone should eat according to their dosha, which is otherwise known as a person’s mind and body type and it is not about restrictions but balance. Ayurveda is more about personal wisdom than a dietary program.  

Contrary to what others think, there are no restrictions with Ayurveda.  Ayurveda does not exclude anything including meat. The so-called restrictions is not because of the diet but because it is a contradiction to your present physical situation.

Learning about nutrition should be empowering. But it takes time and a willingness to ask questions. You can’t skip the lessons and jump straight to the results.