Success Stories

After facing some pretty serious health issues I decided to change my approach to my health and began working with Erica. She put together a plan for me and supported me as I made lifestyle changes to support my healing. It has been almost a year and I cannot believe how far I have come. I feel so healthy emotionally and physically and cannot thank Erica enough for all of her kindness and support. If you are needing a relaxing treatment or are looking to make lifestyle changes I highly recommend Erica at Okanagan Ayurveda.


I had been looking on the internet about Ayurveda and I was more confused than ever. I decided to visit Erica at Okanagan Ayurveda. I was happy that I did. Erica made Ayurveda very approachable and started my on a lifestyle plan suited to me. What the internet did not tell me was that just because you are a certain dosha, it does not mean that you need all the protocols. If you are interested in understanding Ayurveda and getting on the correct plan, I suggest you go and see Erica.