Mindfulness Course

Starts Tuesday Jan 9 at 7 PM.

16 hours over 8 weeks

Knowing who we are is one of the most important pieces of life and the journey of Ayurveda is to take you there.
The soil of our inner being is understood through the 5 elements and 3 mental gunas.  In this course you will explore the Ayurveda approach to mindfulness, pranayama. and yoga.

Discover your inner capacities for wakefulness, joy, dignity, and compassion – your Ayurveda-nature and truly
understanding of what you need through your constitution ( Prakriti) 

You will cover the fundamental Ayurveda principles of the mind, meditation and pranayama. This vast Ayurveda psychology, combining movement and stillness, personalized inner practices, and  breath work. We will explore the powerful and transformative applications of these perspectives and practices and begin to understand and heal ourselves.

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