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Ayurveda is the Science of Life

​You may not of heard the word Ayurveda but it is the oldest natural healing system in the world, dating back 5000 years. Every western natural healing system has some basis in Ayurveda. When used therapeutically, yoga is also part of Ayurveda as its sister science. Ayurveda peers into the nature of life through the wisdom of Mother Nature and as a philosophy of life it teaches us to live in harmony with the basic laws of nature.

Ayurveda is an ancient healing system that focuses on creating and maintaining health and happiness, through balance in mind, body and spirit. 

While modern medicine is based on the physical structure, Ayurveda is based on the belief that we are not just physical beings, but also the expressions of energy, the mind and consciousness.

In Ayurveda, our physical, mental, emotional body, in fact, everything in the universe consists of the five elements of ether, air, fire, water, earth. Depending on the combination of these elements 3 dominant constitutional types manifest. These constitutional types or Dosha are specified, in the broadest form, as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  The uniqueness of the combination and degree of elements in your makeup allows for an infinite number of constitutional types. This unique combination leads each of us to have a different way of creating imbalance, balance, and healing and a specific propensity on how we physically, mentally, and emotionally move through the world,

Pitta types tend to be more prone to inflammatory issues and bleeding disorders. Whereas Vata types may suffer from stress disorders, anxiety and depletion and people with predominantly Kapha dosha may tend to have more stagnation and depression. These are basic examples of how the dosha operates in your body. Be careful not to see the “normal” we think of in the west. Every dosh can have any conditon and there is a full range of tendencies and disorders that are unique to you.

​In Ayurveda, we cannot take a herb, change our diet, understand our sleep or what to do about a disease until we know who you are. This is done through an assessment.

Knowing and understanding your dosha type is done by constitutional (Dosha) assessment. This assessment is a diagnostic tool that is used by Erica to determine the best plan of action for improved your health and well-being.

Food, herbs or routines that will benefit one dosha type may aggravate the other and therefore create more of an imbalance. Understanding the dosha and implementing the correct protocols is essential.

This health/dosha assessment and the protocol that follows will give you a complete analysis of your personal needs for health and includes a deeper understanding of how everything that you do affects everything in your life, from physiology and digestion to body structure and personality.

Erica will teach you how you can take charge and master your own health in simple and very effective ways. You will be well equipped with herbal, diet, and lifestyle guidance to live a  balanced life.

Erica is also a yoga therapist.  When used therapeutically, yoga also becomes part of Ayurveda.  The therapeutic application of the modalities of yoga, asana, meditation, chanting and pranayama are as unique to you as the food you eat.

Instead of “catching something”, like a cold, a disease, or mental state, Ayurveda sees illness as a manifestation of dosha imbalance. Once you are assessed then Erica can addresses the root causes of your issues.

If you are relatively health Ayurveda can empower you how to stay healthy.

Ayurveda health is a continuous and participatory process that embraces all aspects of life, and you are part of the disease-creating and healing process. Over many years, you may have created patterning, and lived in a certain way that has not been conducive to a balanced life.

The Dosha’s are connected to everything- seasons, times of day, your age and much more. All of this is taken into consideration when a Chikitsa (treatment) is planned for you.

What is considered a treatment in Ayurveda?

Everything in the universe.

​Who can benefit from Ayurveda?

Anyone who wants to improve or maintain good health can benefit from an Ayurveda.  Many people who suffer from chronic conditions like rheumatoid Arthritis, high blood pressure, stress conditions, diabetes, insomnia, chronic headaches, digestive problems, depression, anxiety, or weight management and metabolic disorders have found relieve and improvement with the natural modalities Ayurveda has to offer.  Its aim is to balance the body-mind-spirit continuum and bring it back to who you were meant to be.  

Mental Health

Today mental health issues are disturbing the lives of many people. If you have tried many things and anxiety , depression or something more challenging is still with you, Ayurveda maybe an answer.

Ayurveda has a specialty called” Manas Chikitsa” It deals with mental health. Unlike the west Erica believes there are many ways to deal with balancing mental health that may not include drugs. Not that drugs are not needed in some cases but that there are so many other options and they can all be used with your medications.

Erica offers mental health assessments, therapies, treatments and Mindfulness course specifically designed for mental health.