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​Seasonal Cleansing- Rutucharaya

Rutu, the season, classified by different features expresses different effects on the body as well as the environment. Ayurveda has depicted various rules and regimens (Charya), regarding diet and behavior to acclimatize seasonal enforcement easily without altering body homeostasis. ​Your health and ease are greatly determined by how in-tune you are with your mind and body in relation to nature and each season. Ayurveda provides different ways to connect with yourself which can help you recognize the rhythms of nature within you. In truth Ayurveda is already a part of you!

The principles of Ayurveda pay specific attention to annual cyclical self-care, that shifts with a change in the season, to allow for optimal adaptation to the environment.The prime principle of the Ayurveda system of medicine is the preventive aspect and that can be achieved by a change in diet and lifestyle practices in response to change in climatic condition. In the Ayurveda text, this is a very important aspect of preventive medicine. Lifestyle disorders are very common in the present era, and one reason is originating from the lack of following seasonal regimens when seasonal characteristics change.

The seasons are divided into two main categories based on the solstices: the northern solstice (also called aadaan kaal or uttarayan) and the southern solstice (also called visarga kaal or dakshinayaan). Each of the kaals are divided into three seasons. It is believed that following a seasonal routine will help balance the doshas, the body’s bio-elements. 

When the temperatures take a dip, the days get shorter and the air becomes drier, a change in season makes its mark. These changes can be seen in the environment around us, with the leaves getting tinted with brown and animals hibernating in their cozy spaces. Humans being as part of this ecological system, too need to incorporate changes in their lifestyle, according to a change in the season.

In Ayurveda, the transitional period between seasons is known as Ritu-Sandhi. The primary ancient root text of Ayurveda, Ashtanga Hridayam says that “during this period, the regimen of the preceding season should be discontinued gradually and that of the succeeding season should be gradually adopted; sudden discontinuance or sudden adoption gives rise to imbalances caused by Asatmya (non-habituation).” Taking this into consideration, the fall rejuvenation and cleanse program is perfect for everyone.

 There is a cycle to life that’s happening around you and inside of you. Everything is connected to you and according to Ayurveda, comprised of the five elements: earth, air, fire, water, and space. As the elements change with a seasonal change, so do you.

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