Ayurveda Cooking Course

Ayurveda states that without the correct foods, healing is not possible.

Pure and natural food helps us to keep a healthy body and a sharp mind so we can lead our life quest successfully. Do you wish to know more about the diet and its benefits in day-to-day life? Join Erica for this cooking course and learn how you can improve your diet, heal with the help of spices, and go beyond your food addictions for a more happy and fulfilling life.

Ayurveda constantly guides all of us to listen to its wisdom and holistic practices in ones personal journey. It has a unique approach to foods, spices and herbs. Your Prakriti ( constitution) and Vikriti ( imbalances) drive the force behind every food, spice and herb we consume.
This 4 part course ( 3 hours for each part) exploring the application of cooking and foods in your kitchen.

If “ Food is your Medicine”, an understanding of what food is your medicine is a must. Foods are not good or bad, they are just good or bad for you and only Ayurveda teaches the individualization of “Food as Medicine”

The unique Ayurveda concepts around food.
The intelligence of spices to assist health and healing.
Individualizing your food and spice choices.
Unique Ayurveda recipes for your wellness journey.

This course is online and in person