Mahanarayan OIl-200 ml



  • Nourishes the joints, muscles, and tendons, naturally*
  • Helps improve joint integrity and flexibility*
  • Soothes aching joints and invigorates normal circulation*
  • Pacifies vitiated Vata dosha*


Post-Workout Massage Oil


* Helps Soothes Fatigued & Sore Muscles, Joints, & Tissues
* Slight Warming Sensation Reinvigorates the Muscles & Joints
* Post-Workout Restorative Massage Oil
* Healthy Aging & Longevity Support


Mahanarayana Thailam is an ancient Ayurvedic massage oil that helps nurture and rejuvenate the muscles and joints. It delivers the goodness of powerful ingredients in a sesame oil base, which helps improve the normal integrity of the joints and muscle flexibility. A nourishing and strengthening oil with rejuvenating qualities Mahanarayana Thailam is also used to soothe uncomfortable tendons.*


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