The Ultimate Secret To Weight Loss

The prevalence of weight issues and obesity, as a consequence of improper, fat metabolism, is increasing worldwide and is a major concern to allopathic doctors, natural healthcare practitioners and the the overweight public The metabolic disorders, improper transformation of fat and obesity are at epidemic levels and medical and natural health care system have not found an effective solution to this problem and obesity and metabolic disorders numbers continue to climb.This epidemic burden of this chronic condition ( and disease when it becomes obesity) is driven by a food and healthcare system that does not support health. Individuals can not turn to these system to solve their problem.The complications of excessive weight are numerous, including diabetes, heart disease and sexual dysfunction to mention only a few. The ancient Indian system of natural medicine, Ayurveda,does have an answer. It teaches that all disease and conditions need to be addressed at the root cause and weight issues are no exception One of the primary root causes in Ayurveda is pradhapradha, blasphemy against natural intelligence. The means that we need to understand our disconnection with the nature order of the world to understand our diseases. ‚Äč