The taste of Salt

Salty is the one of the Ayurveda tastes and a very popular taste in our society. Many people use salt to combat fatigue and do not even realize that they are doing it. The salty taste is primarily made up of water and fire and because it is more water than fire it is only slightly heating to the system It’s qualities are warm moist and heavy. But salty is not a heavy as sweet taste. Vata people benefit most from this taste as the heating moisture is beneficial to the dry cold nature of Vata. The warm moisture is is hydrating to the tissues, because of its sweet post digestive effect, and nourishing for the blood tissue (rasa dhatu) but taken in excess it can create lymphatic congestion, edema especially to the kapha constitution.
too much salt can weaken the kidneys, contribute to hypertension, contribute to hair loss and premature greying and cause the skin to wrinkle.
Salt has the unique effect of being mildly sedating and if a person is having an anxiety attack a 1/2 tsp. of salt on the tongue can be useful.
Psychologically salt removes fear, increases a persons taste for life, and creates courage and bravery.
Good Salt is found in a salts, seaweeds, kelp and seafood. bad salts are found in all processed and fast food. some salts are better than others for specific doshas, and example is that rock salt is better for Vata than sea salt.
As always with Ayurveda it is all about balance. If you have symptoms of edema, hypertension, kidney issues or hair loss you may want to look at your salt intake.