The Human Potential

Ayurveda states that optimizing the human potential on a physical, psychological and spiritual level is a shift in consciousness. So, what does that mean to Ayurveda?

At conception you represent one unique set of possibilities in a universe full of infinite possibilities, and this unique set of possibilities crystallize to make you. Carried along with this is your past karma. This creates a unique blueprint called your Prakriti and your individual consciousness, jiva atma. Then travelling through this karmic journey, you either use Ayurveda techniques of food, lifestyle, pranayama etc. and maintain a healthy Prakriti, burn your past life karmas and build new karmas (actions) and samskaras (tendencies), to create a shift in consciousness or you continue with the old ones with no change in your human potential. This is why living your Ayurveda path is important to physical, mental and spiritual evolution.

Put simple, at conception your possibilities, individual consciousness, and Prakriti has the perfect manifestation to optimize your human potential, and then, how you live and think throughout life will create health, happiness, a shift in consciousness or not.

Most people in North America have not optimized their human potential because thinking more, learning more, working harder and believing that “scientific evidence” has the answers has not worked and will not work. But we keep trying it this way and all we are doing is distracting ourselves and wonder why it’s still all the same!

So, what has happened to us? Life and your mind get in the way of the manifestation of a life of health, happiness and bliss. You start to believe everything the mind tells you, so you start to stay up late, eat that pizza and do a multitude of other things that your body and mind cry out “NO”. and we start to erode our potential and shit the direction of our consciousness.

What Ayurveda offers to you is a plan unlike any other plan you have seen. It allows you to direct your potential, not your mind, by teaching many beautiful techniques for your unique expression. All we have to do is follow the plan, but this can sometimes be easier said than done. But there are some simple ways to start.

Optimizing your human potential and your individual consciousness begins with simple things like cooking food with love, sitting down for meals and understanding how to create optimum digestion both physically and mentally. But sometimes this just seems like too simple an answer, so we do it for a while and then stop. Mother Nature has never stopped her plan!

So where to start. Cooking with love and sitting down to eat are simple and you can start doing these every day, but you must do them every day. If you have any issues with anxiety or depression these are a must.
Secondly, you can also easily begin to optimize digestion. Here are two simple ways. One, drink hot water with ginger throughout the day, that is unless your fire is high then it may need to be room temperature. Two, eat ½ tsp. of grated fresh ginger mixed with a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of salt 20 minutes before each of your meals.

If you have constipation or have irregular bowels, try Triphala. Just be sure to get a decocted one. Most of the ones in the health food store are not decocted. You can buy them for Okanagan Ayurveda.