The Future of Healthy Diet

When it comes to nutrition and healthy diet, the field is constantly changing and evolving. This leads to so much frustration, not to mention confusion. Many people come to me because they are confused about food. They have tried it all and still nothing has worked for there weight, their tiredness or their illness.

Nothing is more constant than change.  The modernization of our society creates a lifestyle that demands that our habits also adapts to it.  Healthy diet is not exempted to this. The best and safest advice I can give is this: Stop chasing the latest fad.  While times has changed, the principles of Ayurveda that apply to your health have not!

Ayurveda says that everything that we take in is part of our diet and needs to be digested and assimilated and we need to learn how to do this. Also, the food needs for a healthy person with balanced doshas is different than that of an individual with imbalanced doshas or a disease. You may say “ this sounds confusing” but ,as many of my clients have found, once the principals are understood they can be adapt to all the situations in life. One needs to create a new paradigm around healthy ideas. I suggest you find someone professionally trained to help you.

My point is this:  If our body and mind has the same system and the same Ayurveda principals can be utilized to heal, why should we adapt to the modernization of this world? In fact, we should not. The modern world is not creating health. Nature does. You do. Nature has the same rhythmic patterns that it did centuries ago and following these patterns is essential if we want to return to a healthy state. We constantly live our life by our watch instead of being aware of the cycle of day and night. We eat foods from all over the world at any time of year and do not consider the impact they have on our health.

It is now time to change this.

The truth is, the future of healthy diet is actually what the past has to offer.  An Ayurveda Diet is a practice that is natural and can be used for a lifetime. It is the secret weapon that nature’s provision to us.

This nutritional wisdom that have been around for more than 5000 years, has starting to find its way in the future of healthy nourishment.  Many people are now beginning to realize that Ayurveda’s principles are very effective in healing and preventing medical concerns like obesity, insomnia, stress, diabetes and other ailments.  

​The next time you think about healthy diet, try the natural wisdom of Ayurveda.