Spices are pungent or aromatic substances obtained from the bark, buds, fruit, roots, seeds or stems of various plants and trees and used to season or flavor foods. In Ayurvedic cooking spices are valued for their taste but even more valued for their medicinal or healing properties. Ayurveda give emphasis to two factors of food preparation; quality of food and proper digestion of that food. Our digestive capacity or the capacity to transform food into healthy tissues is known as Agni or digestive fire. The proper functioning of our body largely depends on the Agni. Spices play an important role in digestion and assimilation of food and maintaining a balanced and healthy Agni. If digestion is sub optimal or overactive even the best food can turn toxic in the body. If not spiced properly these foods quickly produce Ama (toxicity), that causes heaviness and blockages of the micro-circulatory channels and physiology.
We live in a beautiful world filled with countless natural ways to balance health, restore digestion, boost immunity, treat colds and fever, aid in weight loss, reduce pain and inflammation – the list goes on and on. Spices are one of the most intelligent and medicinal foods in Ayurveda. Use spices daily and begin to feel the impact that these small packages of infinite wisdom have for you. Healing begins in your kitchen. It is not just what we eat but how we eat and what we digest.
Lets have a look at Cumin