Food as Medicine- Black Raisins

Food As Medicine _ Black Raisins

Have you ever heard about Raisin-Water?

​Raisin water is an excellent addition to your diet, especially for promoting cooling in the system and good liver health which leads to purification/detoxification of the blood stream. In Ayurveda, raisins are known to be very healing. Especially black raisins. Black raisin soaked water has special benefits for Pitta. Pitta and its sub-doshas derive great benefit from raisins. Soaked overnight and taken in the morning, they support Sadhaka Pitta (which governs the emotions) and pacify Pachaka Pitta (responsible for digestive functions) and Ranjaka Pitta (which balances blood chemistry). Basically, raisins are useful in healing a whole range of Pitta-related problems, like burning sensation while urinating. Their diuretic effect flushes out urine, cooling the system. This water can also be helpful with hot flashes during menopause. Black Raisin Water. To make Raisin water, boil one liter of water. When then water has boiled take it off thee heat and add one handful of black raisins. Cover and let sit overnight. In the morning and during the day drink the water only. Erica #food #ayurveda #pitta #dosha #menopause #liver