everyone elsedness

Have you ever wondered what accounts for the difference in people. I have often pondered that question. Why some people are hyperactive and others still and graceful. Why some can eat a 5 course meal with ease, while others can barely finish a salad. Why some people are inherently joyous and others carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.
Modern genetics offers some insight, but what about the idiosyncrasies and characteristics that make us unique.
Today science and medicine have boiled everything down to what I call “generalizations’. These generalizations are everywhere and have become part of our social hypnosis. We go to a book store, pick up the latest diet book and think we should all be able to use it or the doctor tells us we have this condition or that disease and we start to believe that we are just like everyone else. I have been this person. yet somewhere deep inside I knew that that is untrue and that I was unique. I brush the thought away… this small seed of thought,” is uniqueness egotistical? ” Of course not.
Embracing our uniqueness is where Ayurveda begins.
We begin to see that we do not need to be on the latest diet fad, or take the latest vitamins or exercise program. We begin to feel the innate wisdom of our own bodies. It frees us from those chains of “everyone elsedness”
the journey is one of a lifetime and begins with the first step,,,,understanding your uniqueness. with this understanding everything flows with more ease, we craft our life and nurture ourselves with appropriate food, sleep and lifestyle.