Ayurveda, Asana and Spring

Asana is a collective name for all physical postures used in yoga. The aim of a yoga posture or series is to not just create flexibility but to also strength and stamina.. Movement into a posture, during the posture and coming out of the posture is paired with breath. You are beginning utilize the posture when attention of the body and breath is obtained. When yoga is used as therapy it becomes part of the healing science called Ayurveda. Different postures can be used for different dosha. An Ayurvedic practitioner with a training in yoga therapy can help you with this. As wee move from the kapha season of winter into spring it can be good to use more warming and invigorating asana to help move the stagnate heavy, slow and dense kapha in your body. Using sun salutations to build heat and deep diaphragmatic breathing are wonderful at this time of the year. Backbends can bring energy upward to decrease kapha stagnation in the lungs. Prioritizing a morning practice is useful at this time of the year.

‚ÄčErica Mueller Ayurveda practitioner and yoga therapist