a brand new start

Here’s to new beginnings and fresh starts!
This year has been filled with some interesting turning points… both challenging and thrilling, and yet through all of the busy-ness, every new moment feels fresh and inspiring.

Launching my new business of Okanagan Ayurvedics has been on the table, so to speak, for a while now. This week marks a turning point as I received my new oiling table. A beautiful Dharapathi medicinal wooden table from India that has been honed specially and specifically for Panchara and Shirodara treatments. In the midst of preparing my new space and getting the bed all set up, I am having an absolute blast.

This new endeavour has set me to pondering about life’s amazing gifts and how, when everything comes together, it all flows with great ease. Like that of the oil as it cascades along the groves in the exquisitely hand crafted new table I have as my centrepiece, my life too seems now to flow a little more effortlessly. Oh yes, I do have those moments where challenges sneak into my day… but they seem minuscule and the oil flows through and around them like the imperfections in the woodgrain of the table. All relished, and needed, to create this beautiful and brilliant piece of craftsmanship we call life.