3 Things You Don’t Want To Hear About Weight Loss

There are a lot of weight loss programs, treatments, and supplements out there that would promise you the world.  

Some companies out there would have you believe that you can just take a few pills and you don’t even need to control your food intake or need to exercise in order for you to enjoy a lean and healthy body and other companies restrict calorie with dead food purchased from them. 

​The issue for most people is that they usually gain the weight back. That is why diet companies are getting bigger and bigger. A balanced plan with an understand that changes need to be made for a lifetime,not just 3 months is the Ayurvedic answer. In Ayurveda we say that your senses are drawing us into ecstasy but not contentment.And most people that I meet are looking to find some contentment and inner peace.

The Food Channel is teaching the community to think only with the sensations of the tongue. And most of those foods are teaching us to become addicted to sweet, salty and fatty tastes.
And this is true are brain craves these tastes, and we don’t notice how addicted we are until we go on a diet.I am hear to tell you that diets don’t work. We need to retrain our mind and body to accept and enjoy all six taste. If you have read my earlier newsletter you will know that these six taste are sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent.We can being to taste the true taste of all fruits, vegetables and grains. But it takes time and will power for our brains to be rewired.

It not just about calories in and calories out. In Ayurveda we do not look at food as proteins,carbs and fat or that food have a specific caloric burn. We see food as being made up of certain elements( space,air,fire,earth and water)and certain gunas or qualities and depending on the reason for your weight gain your diet and exercise program will have different foods. 
And it is also not about over exercising. Sometimes we think more is better so we start exercising twice a day but what happens is our system in stress mode and we keeping our weight instead of losing it.

A weight loss program is part of a lifelong plan of stable weight. Most people who go to weight loss clinics gain more weight back than they lost. This is because the mentality is that after the 3 month plan the person can go back to the foods and lifestyle they had before. In Ayurveda this is pradyaparahda, a stain against intelligence. What this means is that we are doing things we know are not good for us yet we keep doing them.

The reason why many people are disappointed with their weight loss goals is because they want to do it the easy way.  They would rather listen to all the marketing brouhaha than listen to the truth that will surely set them free.
Here are some things you may not want to hear about weight loss but is very important if you really want to get fit:

You need to have effort.

Yes, contrary to what you see on TV or read in the magazine, even if you are taking slimming pills or supplements, you still need to burn the AMA ,Balance digestion, maintain an active balanced lifestyle and eat foods appropriate for you.

You need to have patience. BECOME DISCIPLINED.

Once your body gets back its innate intelligence it will know what to eat .Your body does not what is good for it but most of us have been eating dumb food for so long that cells have become dumb…so they don’t know what to do.

You will never lose weight overnight.  

Success is not overnight. That’s just how it is and will always be.  As I have mentioned in my previous article, every person is unique with individual body needs that depends on the combination of your body elements.  Some may take a few months, but some will take longer than that to lose those unwanted weight. This depends on your agni.If agni is imbalanced then weight loss is difficult

Maintaining an appropriate weight is a life long journey and make your weight goals appropriate to your doshic makeup.

The journey of every dosha is different. If you are an overweight Vata the plan will be different from an overweight kapha. The question, really, is not that if you are going to be on a diet, but rather, what kind of diet is good for your body so you can achieve the results you’re looking for. The appropriate weight will depend on your dosha.

Results must be realistic to you doshic constitution. Generally Vatsa are small boned and lean, pitta constitution is generally medium bones and medium muscular structure and kapha is generally larger boned with more flesh on the body. A constitutional makeup ( dosha) cannot become another dosha. What I am saying is that if you are a Kapha you can not have a Vata body type. And trying to do so will make you sick.

Can Ayurveda really help with weight loss?  

What Ayurveda does is deal with identifying and solving the real root cause of your problem.  It identifies why you are gaining unwanted weight, why you are obese, or why you are overweight.  By doing that, you don’t just have a seasonal weight loss but rather a permanent solution.  This is why Ayurveda is one of the best approach, not only to weight loss, but also to health problems.  It does not offer a quick solution but a more permanent one that can make you have the healthy life you need.