Authentic Panchakarma

We are living in an inspiring time. One where more and more people are beginning to adopt lifestyle changes that encompass their overall wellness—with a focus not only on living longer but with more fulfillment, meaning, and mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. 

It is also extremely important at this time to develop a good immune response for the prevention and symptom reduction of disease—especially COVID-19. The practice of panchakarma plays a role in an Ayurvedic lifestyle of daily and seasonal regimes, healthy and nutritious diet, and herbs and therapies to strengthen the body’s immunity.  

To find the solution for complete mind-body health and well-being, we don’t need to look to the latest fads or trends. We can find true, effective health treatments using the ancient wisdom of generations before us. One such example is Panchakarma.

Panchakarma (five actions) is a traditional Ayurvedic approach to cleansing.  Customized to your unique body type, imbalances, and lifestyle and through a series of treatments we will gently release physical and emotional toxins and stressors from the mind and body.  Panchakarma harnesses the natural intelligence of the body to restore optimal health and balance, leaving you rejuvenated, deeply relaxed, vital and clear, with a renewed sense of well-being.

A vital component within the overall Ayurvedic wellness lifestyle, Panchakarma focuses on the elimination of toxins that build up in the body through so many different sources, including lifestyle imbalances, overwork, fatigue,  stress, pollution, and poor diet. These toxins build up over time and cause imbalances, contributing to

  • Heaviness and Lethargy
  • Sluggish Pulse
  • Mucus Build-up
  • Lowered Immunity; Colds and Flu
  • Stiff Joints
  • A White Coating on the Tongue
  • Unpleasant Body Odor
  • Feeling Dull and Sleepy after Eating
  • Skin Diseases
  • Weak or Dull Digestion
  • Foggy Mind
  • Diarrhea or Constipation
  • Depression and/or Anxiety
  • A General Sense of Dis-Ease

The body gives us these indicators as a reminder to restore balance. Panchakarma is a deeply healing way to reset your body and renew your well-being on all levels — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual—using time-tested methods to support the whole person.

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Benefits of Panchakarma

  • Strengthen immunity and promote mental and physical wellness.
  • Help reset the digestive fire, improve digestion and relieve constipation, IBS, and stomach discomfort.
  • Restore constitutional balance.
  • Eliminate toxins that increase energy, vitality and mental clarity.
  • Relief from stress/anxiety, elevating mood and slowing down the aging process.
  • Reduce excess weight and lower blood sugar and cholesterol.
  • Reduce headaches and migraines.
  • Improve psoriasis, eczema, and other skin conditions.
  • Manage or eliminate the symptoms of menopause, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, and Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Restores and improves the body’s natural intelligence and ability to heal itself.
  • Eliminates the root cause of illness by addressing basic conditions or imbalances your body type is prone to.

The Cleanse Process: 3 Steps to Detox

Cleansing with Panchakarma involves three steps: the pre-cleanse prep, the main cleanse, and the post cleanse. Your initial consultation with Erica will determine your constitution and imbalances, as well as what therapies, herbal remedies, and techniques will be administered. You’re guided throughout the entire cleanse by Erica who closely supervise your entire Panchakarma.

Purvakarma: The Pre-Cleanse Prep

Panchakarma starts with a pre-cleanse to prep your body for the invigorating changes to come. This may involve changes to your diet to clear the body of unwanted toxins in the digestive system and lifestyle recommendations.

The Main Cleanse

The main cleanse employs one or more of the five elimination processes of Panchakarma, which may change depending on your constitution and imbalances.

There are also treatments such as Abhyanga oil massage, Shirodhara, Swedana, Marma, Dough Basti, Nasya, and marma point massage that may be beneficial depending on your specific constitution. Part of the power of Ayurveda is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it is customized to the needs of each individual—their unique body type and health imbalances.

Paschat Karma: The Post Cleanse
The most supportive next step is a commitment to habit and lifestyle change to prevent future build-up of toxicity in the mind and body. Reverting to past habits and lifestyle that hinders health would be detrimental in the short and long term. This final step in the Panchakarma process involves

  • Learning how to maintain healthy eating habits for your constitution.
  • Challenging yourself to make smarter and better lifestyle choices.
  • Utilizing the herbs and natural medicines that are so effective with Ayurveda.

Erica is available to help you craft a supportive wellness plan tailored to your needs and lifestyle.