Ayurveda Spring or Fall Cleanse.

Personalized Spring or Fall Cleanse

Spring Cleanse starts mid March.

Personalized to 7 or 14 or 21 days.

What is Ayurvedic Cleansing?

Cleansing the Ayurvedic way is a balanced and customized approach to detoxification that emphasizes nourishment over depletion and deprivation. Based on the wisdom of India’s ancient holistic healing science, an Ayurvedic cleanse focuses on eliminating toxins (called ama) and excess doshas, from the body. This is generally done through a simplified diet and a series of cleansing therapies. By taking yourself through this process, you will not only replenish your body and mind, but also restore your body’s natural wisdom. This is a distinct experience from many modern cleansing options, which can cause imbalance or depletion in the body.

What are toxins and how do they form?

The focus of an Ayurvedic cleanse is to eliminate ama, which is the internal metabolic waste that forms when digestive fire (agni) is weak. When agni is inhibited, food is only partially digested and cannot be transformed into optimal nutrition and energy. Instead, undigested food begins to ferment, becoming a rancid internal metabolic waste that is toxic to the body. It is not accepted by the tissues and begins to clog the vital channels in the body that are responsible for everything from elimination of wastes to transportation of nutrients and cellular communication. This heavy, sticky substance is a common factor in the cause of disease, and it is the secret culprit to so much of the heaviness we feel.

How does Ayurvedic cleansing work to eliminate toxins?

An Ayurvedic cleanse works by gently stirring up the internal landscape in order to dislodge toxins and excess doshas, move them into the digestive tract, and eliminate them through a series of lightening (known as lekhana) therapies. This process generally involves a very simple diet that focuses on soups, kitchari, juice, broth and herbal tea, as well as the application of oils to lubricate the channels of elimination. It requires careful tending to agni, which is the internal fire that is responsible for transformation and assimilation within. When agni is burning steadily, digestion is comfortable, your cells are nourished, and damaging metabolic toxins (ama) are eliminated with ease. From the Ayurvedic perspective, rest is key throughout the cleansing process, as it is important to provide the body and mind with a gentle space in which it can do this work.

When is the best time to detoxify, according to the wisdom of Ayurveda?

The Ayurvedic lifestyle includes what’s known as ritucharya, or appropriate seasonal routines and therapies based on the elemental influences of the doshas. Given that Ayurveda invites us to take cues from the rhythms of nature, cleansing in alignment with seasonal transitions of Spring and Fall is recommended. Cleansing during the seasonal transitions allows us to purge the excess doshas that have accumulated over the previous months. In the Fall, it’s about purifying the body of excess pitta (fire element), and kindling the digestive fire that may have gone dormant as the body worked to expel heat throughout the Summer. In the Spring, it’s about reinvigorating the digestive fire as a counter-balance to kapha (earth element) and the cool, heavy, damp qualities of the season. With this in mind, work cleansing into your seasonal routine around the two equinoxes each year if possible. This is something you can do from home, on your own schedule, but plan to prioritize your health for about one month.

The practice of cleansing is considered a vital part of any Ayurvedic lifestyle. If you are looking to lose a few pounds or more , have more energy, delete depression or anxiety or you have a more chronic condition, an Ayurveda seasonal cleanse is perfect for you.

All Ayurveda cleanse are  personalized to YOU!

How do I prepare for an Ayurvedic Cleanse?

The three most important ways to prepare for a cleanse are to create time in your schedule, clean up your diet, and gather supplies, in addition to a few miscellaneous preparation items if you decide to do Panchakarma. You’ll want to plan to be cleansing for about five days, and it’s important that you are able to take it easier during those days — so block off your calendar early. In terms of cleaning up your diet, you’ll want to simplify by eating mostly whole foods, and slowly eliminating challenging items including gluten, dairy, alcohol, caffeine and sugar. The cleaner your diet is before you begin the cleanse, the more comfortable and effective the process will be, which is why I provide you will a sample menu for preparation when you cleanse with me. When cleansing from home, you’ll need supplies such as a tongue scraper, herbs, body oils, and ingredients for cooking the simple, nourishing meals that will be part of your cleansing experience. If you’re doing Panchakarma amore extensive plan will be designed.

How is the cleanse presented?

The cleanse is series of documents introducing each of the sections and guiding you through different self care practices. Within each section, you will have access to an ebook explaining the whole program (how and why it works), along with guides for shopping, recipes, self care practices etc. and daily routine checklists! We will also have two to six live calls —depending on weather you chose 7 or 14 or 21 days as the length of your cleanse.

If you chose the 7 day cleanse, you will begin with a 2- 3 days of pre cleansing and then during the five days of cleansing in the middle of the program you will be invited to follow a cleansing meal plan that consists of nourishing and easy to digest foods (kitchari, mung soup, broth, juice, herbal tea, etc). If you decied on a 14 or 21 day cleanse the pre-cleanse will be 7 -10 days. I provide shopping lists and everything that you need to know to get organized and feel prepared.

This program is a great starting point for getting your physical health back on track, and it also offers opportunity for reflection, which supports mental and spiritual health as well. I are really committed to meeting people where they are to make this accessible, and I am happy to chat about more ways to do that.

What is a realistic expectation of time needed to Reset?

During the preparation three days or week (leading up to the cleanse), you can expect to spend about 30 minutes each day on preparation and simple self care practices. Once the 5-day cleanse begins, I recommend holding space for about an hour of self care practices and reflection throughout the day (ex: 30 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes in the evening). If you have the ability to take more time for rest and reflection, I certainly encourage that! And also, I understand that people are doing their best to show up for so many aspects of their lives (family, work, community, etc.), which also takes time and commitment.

Beyond the recommended time for self care practices, there will be a small amount of daily food prep, similar to what you would spend in your daily life. The Ayurvedic Meal Plan during the five days of the cleanse is super easy to follow, quick meal prep, and simple nourishing foods.

After the five days, we recommended maintaining about 30 minutes of self care throughout the day, if possible! During this time, you will also be in the process of re-introducing a wider variety of foods, which will again involve simple whole food/grain meal prep.

I designed the program to accommodate busy people, because you are the ones who need this most, and I hope that you will give yourself permission to take it easier during this time. I will be here to offer support along the way, as questions or challenges come up. It’s important to me that this Reset is very accessible and nourishing, and not overwhelming. 

Wondering about the best way to do an Ayurvedic Cleanse?

When diet is wrong Medicine is of no use. When diet is correc there is little use for medicine.

Ayurveda Proverb

I are here to support!

You will work closely with me.

  • Customized/curated, in-depth plan based on your dosha(s) assessment and imbalances
  • Plan designed for YOU to balance specific challenges unique to you (i.e. skin rashes, indigestion, brain fog, etc.)
  • A series of consultations to determine the best cleansing plan for you
  • Amplified benefits due to an invaluable level of personalized guidance
  • A more involved program for deeper benefit-includes yoga, breathing and mindfulness.
  • Low price point
  • Accountability
  • Mild, but effective cleansing
  • Ability to self-assess and modify
  • Perfect if you don’t have any serious medical issues (if you do, schedule a consultation for 1-1 guidance, or meet with your medical professional before you sign up)
  • Less intensity (than PK)

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What sorts of supplies will I need for an Ayurvedic Cleanse?

You will gather a few, relatively inexpensive, whole food ingredients, herbal supplements and self care tools to complete your cleanse from home. These are all items that you can collect locally or order from a trusted suppliers, and they are all items that you can use after the program is complete.

7 Day Cleanse

Would you like to simplify your diet for 7 days, detoxify your body, release a few pounds and boost your energy levels?  I have put this short and sweet program together for you to make some positive shifts in a short amount of time.

What you get.

A private consultation for me to assess the best plan for you and 2 follow ups. A treatment can be incorporated. A detailed guide, workbook and handouts, delicious recipes and a detailed shopping list of your herbs, teas and supplies, You will also get a  solid understanding of how to maintain great digestive habits and improvement in digestive function, maintain energy and an overall lighter feeling. You will have a renewal of passion for your work, projects and your life through professional guidance from me.

14-21 Day Cleanse

This is a program for women and men who want to create healthy lifestyle habits, recreate their relationship with food, regain their optimal health, release weight and reclaim their passion and purpose in life. This program is also for all people who nurture and care for others, often at their own expense. It teaches you to learn to listen to your body’s signals and feel empowered in your life overall.  

Over a period of 2 or 3 weeks weeks, symptoms like low energy, digestive issues and IBS, stubborn weight gain, sleep issues, migraines, brain fog and inflammation easily get addressed.  All of your bodily systems will get reset and restored. The lasting results I have seen people experience these past 2 years are truly phenomenal!

Let’s chat and discuss which program is a fit for you.

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Shamana and Shodana Chikitsa 
Shamana (cleansing) is an ancient Ayurveda system of healing that involves the balancing and pacifying or neutralization of certain doshas. This is done done by one or more of the Shamana chikitsa (treatments). Depending on ones dosha (prakriti) and which dosha imbalances (vikriti) are recognized, Erica will prescribe a unique plan.  This is classified under the seasonal cleanses.
Shodana is an important treatment plan when there is a chronic condition or digestion is disturbed. Digestion must be re-set by herbs and lifestyle. Doshas are sent back to their home in the GI system and unripened dosha in the deeper tissues are pacified. Ama (digestive toxins) must also be removed from the deeper tissues, digested and eliminated through appropriate channels.  Shodana is considered Panchakarma.
Ayurveda cleansing is used to reinforce the development of proper agni, eliminate ama and re-establish the development of bodily tissues. It also eliminates ama or toxins in the mind and refocuses the diet and lifestyle habits of the participant.   
Immerse yourself in the Ayurvedic traditions.