• 100% Natural. Prepared traditionally in best quality wooden vats and natural fermentation initiators *
  • Balances all the three Doshas and helps maintain healthy liver and kidney functions*
  • Supports the healthy elimination of fluid*
  • Dervied from the ancient vedic text, Bhaishajyaratnavali*


Punarnavasavam is a recipe from the Vedic text, ‘Bhaishajyaratnavali’. This Ayurvedic formulation may help maintain healthy liver and kidney function. It supports the healthy elimination of fluid and helps maintain optimal fluid balance within the body. It also helps to maintain clear channels in the body by supporting the healthy flow of blood and urine.*

Punarnavasavam helps optimize the liver’s natural cleansing and detoxification process to eliminate toxins. A fermented vitality tonic from the ancient Vedic texts, our Liver Detox Elixir remains true to the original, using the same herbs, meticulous extraction, and techniques as our forebears did centuries ago. Punarnavasavam is the ultimate Ayurvedic liver cleanse herbal supplement system, supporting healthy liver enzyme function and the natural elimination of excess fluids for overall well-being.

Punarnavasavam is intentionally fermented into a thick syrup, allowing the ingredients to concentrate, becoming more potent. Every tablespoon contains gut goodness for beneficial microflora that strengthens the body from the inside -out.


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