Dhanwantaram Thalam- A 240 ml




An Ayurveda Herbalized Oil

  • Part used – Roots, Barks, Fruits
  • Quality (Guna) – Heavy , Unctuous
  • Potency (Veerya) – Hot
  • Action on Doshas – Balancing for Kapha and Vata doshas

Dhanwantharam Thailam is an herbal oil that is considered to have great qualities when used for massage, gargling, or as nasal drops. Dhanwantharam oil’s cooling effect soothes and stimulates the nerve cells to revitalize the nervous system. Its rejuvenating and nourishing properties fortify the muscles, ligaments, and joints to maintain a healthy and naturally active body.

The oil is carefully formulate the oil according to the ancient formula found in the SahasraYogam textbook for a potent and all-natural herbal oil.

The oil contains nutritious ingredients such as Amalaki, Shyonaka, Mahameda, and more. These combined with the herbal oil, elevate the effects of these ingredients. It results in numerous health benefits for the body.

Ingredients like Devadaru, Bala, and Punarnava are great at promoting healthy joints. Their natural phytonutrient composition combined with regular massaging of this oil supports the natural lubrication between the joints. As a result, they maintain healthy mobility of the body to support an active lifestyle.

Their beneficial actions are aided by ingredients like Bala, Manjishta, and Agnimantha. This trio of herbs supports healthy muscles and ligaments. They promote complete revitalization and reinvigoration of the muscle fibers and ligament tissues. Collectively, this helps the body maintain the natural function in the musculoskeletal system.

Gokshura and Badara also help boost muscle strength by supporting the natural development of muscle mass. All of this leads to healthy muscles and ligaments, which aid our natural movement and coordination.

This soothing oil includes Bilva and Methika. They are powerful Ayurvedic herbs that support bone health in the back and neck region. They maintain bone health by assisting our body’s natural defense mechanism to produce healthy immune responses. This action is most effective against occasional inflammation from environmental elements.

Our herbal oil contains loads of ingredients that are vital for the maintenance of a healthy mind and emotional balance. It includes Ela, Agnimantha, Shalaparnis, Badara, Shilajith, Vacha, and more, which have a powerful effect when massaged on the head. Their natural properties soothe and calm the mind to support brain health and cognition. Additionally, they help the body combat external stressors that affect your mind. These ingredients also support our complete rejuvenation once, we sustain a regular and natural sleep cycle. As a result of all this, our entire body feels rejuvenated and revitalized.

The herbal oil specifically pacifies the Vata and Kapha doshas. Moreover, its cooling properties can balance all three doshas for optimal health and wellbeing.


Suggested Use

  • Dhanwantharam Thailam is not to be consumed. Massage the oil on a daily or weekly basis, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
  • Please consult your physician prior to the use of this product if you are pregnant, or nursing, or on medication, or have a medical condition.
  • Do not use the product if the seal is broken. Store it in a cool and dry place. Keep it out of the reach of children. It is for external use only.


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