• 100% Natural and derived from the ancient Vedic text ‘Sarngadhara Samhita’ *
  • Helps maintain balanced energy and digestion*
  • Digestive and colon support*
  • Helps maintains healthy respiration and heart function *


Dasamoolaristam is a recipe from the Vedic text, ‘Sarngadhara Samhita’ known for balancing both Vata dosha and Pranavaha srotas as well as helps support balanced digestion (Agni) and optimal vitality (Ojas). This Ayurvedic formulation helps healthy digestion, balanced energy and maintains healthy respiration.*

Dasamoolarishtam is an ancient tonic and nutraceutical powerhouse for whole body revitalization. It supports optimal system function for all of your vital organs, helping you to live well and feel your best.

At its heart is the sacred dashmoola, an adaptogenic blend of 10 potent roots, fermented with other rejuvenating botanicals to create the right internal environment for true wellness.

For Dasamoolarishtam it all begins in the gut, helping to create a healthy microbiome and digestive system function.

With over 5 trillion microbes, the gut influences everything in our body from metabolic function and emotions to cognitive capacity and immunity.

This formula works from the inside out, starting at the body’s center. It fortifies natural energy production, the gut-brain connection, mood, cognitive function, immunity, skin health and a plethora of essential functions all from the gut.

It’s an Ayurvedic go-to for new mothers, supporting the digestive journey through the phases of pregnancy and postpartum to soothe the gut environment.

Dasamoolarishtam is also used to revive the spirit and passion, helping to naturally support the libidio, sexual organs, geno-uitary function, and the overall life force.

  • Traditionally used as a postpartum digestive tonic for digestive wellness
  • Supports healthy respiratory function and response
  • General health & wellness elixir
  • Healthy aging & longevity formulation
  • Supports regular periods and monthly flow


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