Brahmi Pearls



  • Goodness of Brahmi in every pearl *
  • Composed of a blend of Medharasayana (mental rejuvenator) herbs it may help one cope with anxiety, mental fatigue and stress*
  • A natural brain nourisher that helps maintain optimal IQ*
  • Helps optimize memory retention capacity*


Brahmi Pearls helps maintain normal cognitive health and mental ability, intellect (Dhi), confidence (Dhriti) and memory (Smriti), in turn supporting normal, restful sleep that calms and refreshes the mind.

Named after the Hindu God of creation, life, and universal consciousness, Brahmi is the heart of Brahmi Pearls. Consciously named to reflect ‘pearls of wisdom’ Brahmi Pearls are a potent nootropic blend of adaptogens that support and sharpen natural concentration, cognitive function, mental agility and stamina.

It supports a balanced mood for clarity of mind to better cope with stress. Each pearl contains 1.65 (g) of our proprietary formula naturally extracted from our majestic gardens in Kerala, India.


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